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Bunyonyi Safaris is a local tour operator based in Uganda and Rwanda since 1996. We offer quality travel services, holidays and safaris in Uganda and East Africa. Our tour packages include gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife tours, Culture tours, bird watching among other tour attractions in Uganda and Rwanda. Our greatest passion is to link tourism and the rural community for development. Henceforth volunteer tourism, educational trips and gap year opportunities make our major focus.

At our safari lodge (BSR), you have the opportunity to enjoy not just the nature but the unique African country side experience. You can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery, Canoe trek around the islands of lake Bunyonyi, volunteer at a local school or participate in the local activities of the community. Contact us here »

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda, Uganda & Congo:

About Gorillas: A gorilla spends most of its time at rest. A normal day starts in the morning at 6am to look for food within their territorial home usually 20 sq kilometer. The rest of the time of the day is spent traveling and feeding. Gorillas are unique among primates; they are vegetarians by nature and spend most of their time on the ground. Read More »

Where to go Gorilla Trekking?
You can see Gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda or DR Congo. Go to Rwanda if time is short on you, when you want to see many other things except Gorillas - visit Uganda and if you are an experienced adventurous traveller to Africa DR Congo will be your choice. Read More »

Gorilla Trekkking Permits
You need a Gorilla permit to track Gorillas in any of the Gorilla parks of Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Gorilla permits sell-out very fast so you need reserve your permit in advance to go Gorilla trekking; at least 4 months earlier is a good time to reserve. Read More »

Featured Holiday Packages:

Double Gorilla Trek

The 6 day gorilla trek in Rwanda + Uganda takes you for a double gorilla trek in Volcanoes National park of Rwanda and Bwindi forest of Uganda; the trip begins and ends in Rwanda. Read More »

3 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek

The tour takes you to Volcanoes National Park, see primates combined with a day of gorilla trekking in the volcanoes national park of Rwanda. The adventure involves trekking through local villages and the lush rain forests to meet the Gorillas. Read More »
Bwindi forest in Uganda is the destination for gorilla trekking. Gorilla treks we offer take you to see gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo depending on your choice. Where you choose to go for a gorilla safari is your choice. Read More »

4 day Gorilla Trek + Nature Tour

The gorilla trekking and nature tour in Uganda takes you to two hot tourist destinations in Uganda; Bwindi and Lake Bunyonyi in western Uganda.
The gorilla trekking adventure starts with a briefing by the park rangers at 8 am, go through steep and forested landscape and eventually close in on the gorillas. Read More »

Uganda & Rwanda Holiday Packages

Our tour itineraries are a great chance to visit Uganda or Rwanda in a smooth flow of events. All holiday packages are planned to give you a greater understanding of Uganda and Rwanda's Wildlife, Birds, People and Culture
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Why Visit Uganda and Rwanda?

You need visit Uganda and Rwanda to see the endangered Mountain Gorillas. Mountain Gorillas are easily seen in Uganda's Bwindi forest and Rwanda's Volcanoes national Park and some parts of Eastern Congo. Gorilla trekking is among the top unique tourist attractions of East Africa! See other attractions »

Uganda lies astride the Equator in Eastern Africa at an average altitude of 1,100 meters above sea- level. The total area is 236,580sq.Km. More Details »

You might have many short questions with no clear answers yet:
Where is Uganda?
What to pack and dress?
How do I get to East Africa? More and similar questions have been asked by our clients, See more and answers »

The local news in Uganda and Rwanda; many local daily news papers and Radio stations broadcast in English and French, and websites like http://newvision.co.ug, http://monitor.co.ug, http://www.newtimes.co.rw/ are updated with top stories in the region daily


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